We Serve a Big God

I am a dirty sinner. It's so true. The ways I go against the will of my Creator, Savior, and Sustainer are horrifying. I am something that was intended to be beautiful, but through no ones fault buy my own have been ground, crushed, bruised, trampled on, and left for trash. I am hardly recognizable compared to the original image I was made in. Yet God, my Redeemer, has come, picked me up from among the rubbish, and said, "I love this one. She is mine." Hallelujah!
This week is missions week at my school, and it couldn't have come at a better time. My heart is softer now even than it was when I got back from Bolivia. Trying to fit back into the crazy world here has so broken me. I look at my planner and wonder if I can do it, and God is using that to rend me. In the midst of the way I feel helpless and hopeless, I see God's grand plan for the world; His desire for his glory to be spread to all nations. I am challenged to live a radically different life, to not buy into this world, and literally to not 'buy' the things of this world.
Looking at my time in Bolivia, I can see how God used that to bring me to this place. The orphanages sometimes barely had food for their next meal, yet the kids would be greedy and not be satisfied with the presents they got or what they already had. There was poverty alongside sin, a thought which I had known but not fully processed before. This knowledge made me open to more of what God has for us, and specifically for me. There are men, women, and children hurting in these unreached people groups, and even in the churched world. He has given me a love for certain ministries, and when I do these things, they ignite my passion for Him. Hopefully, I will continue doing these things and my love for Him will keep growing.
What ignites your love for God? What makes you want to serve Him more? What helps you see His big picture?

Things for me:
sweet piano music
writing down my thoughts
Hearing people's stories
laughing late at night
reflectional time

being outside

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