One of my favorite topics ever, this page will contain observations from the cultures I am a part of and struggles I face living between cultures.

Battle of the Customs
- Nothing like starting with the trivial.  My fashion sense is so messed up right now.  Missionary skirt meets Bolivian high heels meets American girl t-shirt.  I wore high heels with skinny jeans to Bolivian church this morning and felt like I fit in, but immediately out of place when eating with a missionary family.  All summer I will have teams and be wearing shorts, which says lazy in Bolivian culture.

- Not going to all church services here is almost sinning.  I skipped going to my church last night to go to another church's anniversary celebration, and I had to laugh about how guilty I felt when I realized that my church had already started and I was in a bus going to another church.  Thankfully, God just wants to be worshiped through our lives, not our attendance.

Bolivian Culture

- Wearing shorts to church here= wearing pajama pants to church in the US.  Wearing nice jeans here= wearing a skirt in the US.

- Today a guy from the US came to church with us.  Wearing shorts and flip flops.  One of the elders pulled me aside afterwards and asked me to tell my guy friends to please come to church with "more respect" in the future.  Ha!

- Looking like you're from the US is asking to be whistled at and hear "Hello baby" "I love you" and "beautiful"

- My ability to say puej, which is how the cool kids say pues in an Santa Cruz, has officially given me the title of Camba according to my Bolivian church friends.  I will miss them.

United States Culture

- There is something special about chocolate chips.  Instant mood-lifter.