Setting Stereotypes Straight

Small Thought for the Day:

I love it when a refugee comes in to the coffeeshop I work at and orders a latte, and I am sweeping and mopping the floor.  To me, in a very small way, that is some kind of social justice.



For years since my Spanish has been decent I have struggled to label myself as bilingual.  Regardless of how good I sound to an English speaker,I still have conversations with Spanish speakers where I leave saying, "If I didn't understand what I think I understood, we could be in trouble."

But three weeks ago I took a test and was hired for a job which has bilingual right in the title.  And suddenly, regardless of any hesitations or doubts I might have, I have been thrown into the world of required fluency.  Kids in classrooms are calling each other names in Spanish that I have to catch, I am expected to listen to English words and write them down in Spanish, and tonight I interpreted for parent/teacher conferences.  These experiences have been blowing my mind!

Language is a powerful thing!   There is a reason that God gave us language confusion (and also linguistic beauty) when our heads were getting big at the tower of Babble.  Speaking a second language is like having a bridge where there used to be only a gorge.  I love that my language bridge, which used to be safe for personal use only (you've gotta stick with the analogy here), is now substantial enough that others-- students, parents, and teachers-- can be supported by it when they need to get information across.

Tonight I responded to an emergency interpreter call to a classroom, and when I arrived, the teacher had been trying for ten minutes to get a message across to a parent with the few Spanish words she knew.  The parent was giving her blank stares.  I walked in and sat down, and suddenly the conference flowed.  I was astonished. I am so glad that I studied this phenomenon of sounds, words, and ideas, but not only parent/teacher conference purposes.  There is beauty in the fact that God allows language bridges to be the route of transportation for the delivery of His word to every tribe, tongue, and nation.

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Be Her Guest

I guest posted again, this time on my friend Amy's great blog! You can check out my blurb on living out the gospel as a single person here.  Enjoy!


Fall in Wisconsin

A collection of pictures I may or may not have taken while driving.


My Big News

I have a job!  And I will get to use my Spanish daily in my job!  After months of searching, applying, interviewing, praying, working at a coffee shop, more applying, being rejected, being offered jobs that I didn’t want, being frustrated, and then accepting God’s timing, I finally was offered the exact job that I wanted.


Last week Wednesday I received a call from Minneapolis Public Schools offering me the job.  God’s timing was perfectly perfect, allowing me to become established enough at the coffee shop that I can stay on for a few hours a week, but also giving me this job just before I was offered another job that I didn’t want as much.  I see His grace and provision in every step of the last two months.


I will be a Bilingual Associate Educator at an elementary/middle school in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis.  This school is almost 80% Latino, and I will be doing a variety of jobs from bus control to ESL groups to lunch duty to testing students.  Maybe this doesn’t sound like a glorious job, but I will actually be helping people!  I will be using my Spanish so that it improves and becomes less rusty, I will be able to make a decent living, and I think it’s a perfect job for the place I’m at in life right now.


Today was my first day, and I am exhausted.  I think that I met over one hundred first and second graders today.  Praise be to God, who gives us all we need for grace and glory.  I can’t wait to see how this year turns out.