My grandma has this pretty sweet deal with her grandchildren. She is not in good health, so she can't do a lot of things on her own and needs someone around at least once every other day to get stuff done and help her out. It therefore falls upon a few of her nice grandchildren to help her, which I think for the most part we would be happy to do. My grandma, though, is so proud and stubborn that she won't let us help her for nothing, she feels offended by that and has enough money to pay for help. So, she will only let us help her if she can "gift" us money for doing so. This works out pretty nicely since it's pretty spendy for me to drive home for the weekend from school, so if I help her out once while I'm home, my gas needs are taken care of.
The problem in working for my grandma is that she's in constant pain because of her arthritis, so once in a while she gets grumpy. Today was kind of one of those days. I got chewed out for running the garbage disposal when my sister had just done it yesterday. She mis-added one of her lines in her checkbook and started crying. I was brushing her dentures and she started crying (no idea why). I went in to help out in the morning for a few hours and ended up staying well into the afternoon. There were times today when I was just frustrated with her and rolled my eyes when I turned my back.
I do lots of jobs for my grandma that aren't pleasant, and it's true that sometimes I'd rather be elsewhere, and that sometimes I can't figure her out. There's something, though, that is so nice about just loving someone who needs you. Loving them with your thoughts, actions, and words. Trying to be a reflection of the Savior that they so need. Even when it means scrubbing things I'd rather not, I'm glad God allows me to meet needs for Him in this world.

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