So I started blogging again this semester, thinking that with my ligher class load and lack of motivation to do schoolwork I'd have no trouble finding time to write. Then I found out I actually like all of my classes and want to do the reading for them. Add that to countless hours of watching The OC with my roommates and two jobs, and there is no longer time to update a blog.
But there is time. I just need to be a little more devoted, I think. So I'll start with a brief update of life as it applies to linguistics and missions, two things I'm devoted to writing about in here.
Linguistically: I just submitted a linguistic study I did to an undergraduate journal. I'll let you know when it gets kindly rejected. The paper examines the use of Quechua (an indigenous language of Bolivia) in Bolivian Spanish and the social and policial factors that play into its use.
I've committed to be really involved in my Spanish-speaking church, so that should mean more Spanish practice in the coming months.
In less than three weeks I go to Bolivia to spend two weeks with my big sister traveling through part of the country and visiting the kids I worked with (and listening to Quechua and Bolivian Spanish!)
Global Outreach: (my church recently controversially changed Missions to Global Outreach and missionary to cross-cultural worker:) I talked with my recruiter from Wycliffe the other day and officially decided to work for about two years after graduation before I start my training as a Bible translator. Now I'm job hunting and looking at volunteering in Minneapolis with the Latino community.
Last week was Missions Week at my school, and I got to meet with lots of awesome missions reps. I'm excited for what God is doing in the world and for the way he's still using the American church.
Been reading Romans and thinking about when, "those who were not told about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand." Romans 15:21
Coming soon: Summary of my study and how it will impact my trip to Bolivia.

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