My New Room

I am finally beginning to feel as though I'm staying, as though I belong in Bolivia this year.  Things are coming along so that I will be able to begin raising support soon, I have plans to get my visa, and... I have a place to call home.  I have been living in Heather's house since the team left, but the room I was staying in couldn't be my room permanently.  But this week that changed.  I have moved into "my room" for the next year.  Check out the nice colors:
My favorite piece, the rug.
It's funny how quickly a room of your own can make you feel like you have a place.  Also, although I was staying in the "hot room (apparently unbearable in the summer)"  my lovely roommate Adreana set up a sweet screen door today so that I can get catch the breeze and stay cool.

The final picture that I have to show from my room goes to show how God provides.  I had no clothes to teach in when I came, but through the Arrowhead team and other random donations, I only had to buy one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, and one shirt to teach in.  And look how much clothing I have!
Thanks everyone who contributed to this!
I am so grateful to those of you who helped make these clothes possible, and I praise God that He provided me with all that I needed.  Pray that He will continue to provide for my needs this year.

Standing in awe with you of His faithfulness.

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