My Big News

I have a job!  And I will get to use my Spanish daily in my job!  After months of searching, applying, interviewing, praying, working at a coffee shop, more applying, being rejected, being offered jobs that I didn’t want, being frustrated, and then accepting God’s timing, I finally was offered the exact job that I wanted.


Last week Wednesday I received a call from Minneapolis Public Schools offering me the job.  God’s timing was perfectly perfect, allowing me to become established enough at the coffee shop that I can stay on for a few hours a week, but also giving me this job just before I was offered another job that I didn’t want as much.  I see His grace and provision in every step of the last two months.


I will be a Bilingual Associate Educator at an elementary/middle school in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis.  This school is almost 80% Latino, and I will be doing a variety of jobs from bus control to ESL groups to lunch duty to testing students.  Maybe this doesn’t sound like a glorious job, but I will actually be helping people!  I will be using my Spanish so that it improves and becomes less rusty, I will be able to make a decent living, and I think it’s a perfect job for the place I’m at in life right now.


Today was my first day, and I am exhausted.  I think that I met over one hundred first and second graders today.  Praise be to God, who gives us all we need for grace and glory.  I can’t wait to see how this year turns out.


I'd love to hear your thoughts!