There are so many things I've thought about writing in the last week or two, but all of my thoughts failed to turn themselves into words on this blog.  I thought about things like:

- How much I've learned about immigrant culture in the last two months
- My increased understanding about racial discrimination
- My very single state
- How wonderful my family is
- The way I've struggled to find community here
- A very strong pull toward consumerism I am feeling

But I didn't write about any of those things.  Instead, I took a little blog break.  And now... now I am leaving for ten days on a VACATION with my FAMILY.  We are going on a CRUISE.  And I am going to take pictures and show you them when I get back.  I am also committing  to journal a lot while I'm there.  It might just be about my trip, but I might journal future blog posts and then share them with you when I get home.  

One way or another, I will be writing about the above topics when I get home.  So pretty much, I'm saying to my few faithful readers, wait for me.  I'm coming back.  I just need to figure out how to blog in this country.

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