Back for Good

Nearly six months of sixty hour work weeks, Greek class, and an intense small group led to a major gap in what used to be my super-consistent blogging.  Sure, there were plenty of times that I pulled up my blog, looked at it, and decided that I didn't have energy to start something I couldn't keep up with.  Sure, I felt guilty about it sometimes.  But it would have been unrealistic for me to keep track of my experiences on here with soooooo much going on in the world around me.  My prayer journal became my blog for a time.

So, for the four of you who actually keep up with my blog and enjoy updates, I am sorry.  And I am back.

This summer I will be working with the cool kids on the block.  Kids ages 5-12 will come to a summer arts camp to learn great art skills, rise above their situations, and learn valuable skills for the real world.  

I am so excited about my role (Group Lead) at this camp for a bajillion reasons.  I get experience with a non-profit.  I am learning about art.  I am helping kids from my school and neighborhood.  I am meeting cool new people every day.  This week I have been training for working with them (don't worry, I'm not teaching art), and next week they come!  Pray for me and keep reading (next post WILL be before the end of the weekend) to learn how the summer is going.

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