Culinary Culture Crossing

The foreign exchange sister that we had from Germany two and a half years ago, Kirstin, sent us German chocolate for Christmas.
It's SO good. I started thinking about foods from other cultures that I like and realized that there are certain foods that take me back to places I've been.
Empanadas and rice prepared a certain way remind me of Bolivia. Also, for meat while I was there I relied heavily on those kind of gross, salty, pre-formed burgers that you can buy at the grocery store, so eating those makes me feel like I'm back in Heather's kitchen.
When I was in British Columbia this summer we could buy really cheap produce, so I ate sandwiches with cheese and all kinds of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, onions, green beans (they added a nice crunch), and cucumbers. Eating a sandwich like that takes me back to those beautiful mountains and practicing crazy sounds for phonetics class.
Refried beans remind me of my time in Mexico only if they're flavorless and really soupy. Sadly, my food experiences there weren't what I wish they were.
Do you have a food that takes you to a place?

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