What would January be without a post of my resolutions? Here they are.

Resolutions for 2010

1. Help translate for Living Hope.

2. Go to Spanish Bible study, Spanish church, or salsa dancing every week to work on my Spanish.

3. Every other week put considerable work into my meal for my roommates (here’s a new recipe I want to try.

4. Once a month read Revelation out loud on Sunday.

5. Make it a point to call or hang out with one person I don’t see very often once a week.

6. Figure out what I’m going to do after working at camp this summer.

7. Take advantage of my time. Not watch so many movies.

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  1. Among others, I am with you on number 6! (I guess I still need to send in my application to Arrowhead, but I'm hoping to work up there too)


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