Highlights- Week 5 (one week late)

I arrived safely home from La Paz this morning, and just as promised, I will fill you in on the second half of the Arrowhead team's time here. 

I went for a goodbye meal with Samantha, who has served here with me for five months.

The team finished working and debriefed with ice cream.  Yum!

I will miss my big sister!

Orange chaco picture that I really liked and had to include.


Huge highlight!  Abby (who has sent me care packages before) sent me one in March that I just got now.  Hello crasins!  Hello deliciousness!  She also sent the shirt that I'm wearing in various pictures.

Then I had to say goodbye to friends I have grown close to.

:(  Had to go back to dentist's office for work on my root canal.  :(

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