Less than a week to go before I move into my next house-- near the Twin Cities, living with two wonderful ladies until the house in Phillips I want to move into opens up.  I've spent a lot of time in the last few weeks in South Minneapolis, handing out resumes, dreaming, looking at houses.  

In case you've noticed (or not noticed), during these last few weeks I've been a very poor blogger.  Lots of things have been brewing in my mind.  They just weren't ready to come out yet.  So you're not in the dark, here is the plan:

- Move into the Twin Cities
- Get a job (this is looking hopeful)
- Settle for a few days
- Start blogging about urban (or suburban for a few months) living.  Tell my readers and write for my sake what I'm seeing, what I'm thinking, what I'm experiencing.  How does the gospel reach Latinos in South Minneapolis?  How can I reach the people I'm working with, hanging out with, and seeing?  How does a girl who grew up with corn and hay in her backyard learn to exist in the big city? 

These questions and more, pondered on this blog beginning in just one week.  Thanks for allowing me my respite; I've been learning a lot and can't wait to share.

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