Some December Pictures

I don't know how I would put into words all that I've been doing these last few weeks.  They have been full and good.  May each picture be worth at least a thousand words.

Heather and I hosted four kids from an orphanage for a day while the staff had a retreat.  We went swimming in a friend's pool.

Church anniversary...

...complete with a Bolivian potluck!

Working with a little MK here on her speech-- I get to use linguistic skills!

My students at an orphanage celebrating Christmas with the girls!

Cooking lunch for another orphanage-- egg bake.

One of my favorite things: getting to be part of the worship team at church.

My very favorite thing: getting to live with my sister!
Days have been packed, I need a few good naps, and there are about 23982332948 hours at school that didn't receive any pictures at all, but my December so far here in Bolivia has taught me so much about serving God with joy and about the importance of the body of Christ.  Thankful for everyone who stands with me down here and who prays for me and supports me Stateside.  

p.s.  The only things I wish I could include are pictures of snow!

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  1. Always a joy to meet a new friend with a heart for missions! Delighted to meet you! Hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you a bit. This looks like a refreshing place to dip and get drenched in goodness.

    Have a joy filled, love overflow Christmas,


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