Long Time Coming

I apologize for the absence.  I was teaching and a part of my mission's conference last week, so there was not time to write.  This weekend I was so overwhelmed with things that I wanted to say that nothing came out at all.  So, I'll do highlights of the last week or so, then I'll pick a few things that I really want to say and post longer posts about those, maybe even tonight.  I feel as though I could write forever right now.

- I feel like God has given me some direction for my future!  Not an exact path, maybe, but some fog may be clearing.
- Teaching has not been easy since I last posted, but God is sustaining me with joy and hope by the power of His Spirit (Romans 15:13) daily.
- I have decided to make Romans 15:13 the theme of my year.  See above for why.
- I gave my students valentines, and saw how if I were not single this year God could not have used me in the same ways that He has.
- I have been very encouraged from home.  Dr. Storm sent me Missing-the-Snow medication, a family from my camp made me a wonderful video, and my mom and dad both have been so supportive all year that I really just want to hug them repeatedly.
- God reminded me why I am so passionate about all nations hearing His good news.  
- The Packers WON THE SUPERBOWL!  I cried through the first quarter because I missed my dad and tradition, but then was blissfully distracted by activity around me.  I am blessed to have been able to watch it.
- After a wonderful Christmas break of kicking my coffee habit, I have grudgingly returned to daily doses.  One day last week I had three cups in one day (so terrible for me!).  I will be trying for more sleep and less coffee.

So much more to say, so little time.  Joyfully serving God here in Bolivia!

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  1. Great update Kayleen. I can identify with parts. I've thought several times I wish I could meet you and sit down to compare notes on all the Lord has taught us during this time of being so far from our families, working with children, and living in a new culture. May God continue to bless your ministry there.


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