When I'm Not a Teacher

Too tired for much of a post tonight, but I did want to mention how much I am loving life in Bolivia.  Highlights of the last 24 hours:
- Throwing a surprise birthday party for my friend's 13 year-old niece.  Only 23+-aged single missionary women and her, and she loved every minute of it.  There's something special about hanging out with the "big girls"
- Spending time with a gringa friend here.
- Taking her to church for worship practice and enjoying a snack with my Bolivian friends later.
- Watching a movie!  I maybe watch 2-3 movies a month here, and almost no tv.  Life is too busy as a teacher.
- Speaking Spanish.  Be still, my heart. :)

So often in this blog the truth of my struggles with being a fifth grade teacher here comes out.  I want all my readers to know that I really love being in this country-- just struggling with lack of snow and expectations that exceed my abilities (but not God's power).

Just letting you know that teaching fifth grade might not be my last job in South America...

Upcoming post topics:
Singleness on the mission field
High school discipleship ministry
Plans for my summer and beyond

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