Coming Back

School got out a week ago last Wednesday, and I have pretty much taken a break since then. Sure, I’ve applied for jobs, cleaned out my classroom, and spent time with the girls I discipled this year, but mainly I:


- read Mansfield Park

- spent time with Heather

- hung out with other teachers

- hung out with some teachers

- visited some orphanages

I have not written in my blog since the night school got out.  Maybe it was a mental block, maybe it was laziness, I don’t know.


However, after finding out that my grandma passed away on Saturday, I decided that writing helps me process, and I need to get back to blogging. I’m still finding it hard to write, so I thought I’d just start with some pictures.


This is the final social studies project my students did—Highlights of the Western Hemisphere



Graduation!  I met for discipleship with the two girls on the top.  Bottom left is my student with his graduating sister.  Bottom right has David who went to Arrowhead last year and Steven who goes to my church.



Bolivian Mother’s Day celebration at my church.  Special performances, a MARIACHI band, two good friends, and the cakes that Heather and I were in charge of making.


Well, I hope that posts will be coming much more frequently from now on.  Later this week teams will be coming from the US, and I’ll be with them until the middle of July.  Expect twice-weekly updates!

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