Greek to Me

I am an official Greek student!  Last night I started taking a weekly class through my church’s school.  I can’t express how nice it was to sit at a table and waited calmly for my teacher to start the class—no responsibilities and I got to be the student.  Teaching last year made me appreciate my moments as the student so much more.


Here are some reasons that I am taking this class:

- I want to know God better, and reading His word in its original language is a good way to do that

- If I become a Bible translator this class will not not only helpful but essential

- As a linguist I am excited to know Greek for two reasons

     1. Professional development

     2. When asked me how many languages I speak I don’t have to say “only two” anymore! Smile

- This class is a great way to know people at my church and become more involved

- I feel as though God is calling me here


Over the next nine months you will hopefully see me refer to the Greek I’m learning once in a while.  I hope and pray that the new things I learn about God through this class will permeate all areas of my life.

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  1. That's awesome! I wish I could take a class on Biblical Greek.


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