My New Home

You might remember a post I wrote back in February about living in South Minneapolis.  That is still my dream.  I want to live among and work with the people there.  I don't yet feel a call to one specific country to do long-term ministry, but I do feel called now to this neighborhood.  I have a house all picked out there, wonderful girls to live with, and a job lined up working in the area.  But the house I want to live in is full right now.

I can't live in a full house.

So, I found a wonderful solution.  Until a space in the house opens up, I'm living with my friend Ellen in her beautiful house north of the Twin Cities.  There are four of us Northwestern grad (or current workers at NWC) ladies living in this house, and it's wonderful!  There are walking trails nearby, it's in a great neighborhood, and it's in driving distance of my job.  

Praise God for in-between seasons.

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