Dear Saturday

If I could write a note to this day, it would be thank you note.  I have needed a day like this for quite a while.
I am exhausted.  Physically and mentally.  The rings around my eyes are dark and thick.  As I recapped my last year with my sister, I realized that I went from the strain of writing papers and spending precious last hours with classmates during my senior year of college to spending late nights hanging out with high schoolers and early mornings having devotions with camp staff as I served on discipleship staff at Arrowhead Bible Camp to teaching 5th graders in a foreign country the day after I finished working for camp.  I feel like I have the right to be a little tired.
I took my sense of entitlement to my room with me at 9:30 last night and read a fiction, not-for-any-class book until midnight.  Then, I did something I haven't done for months.  I slept in.  It was delightful.  I'm even taking today and keeping it low key-- participating in a March For Jesus with my church but then relaxing with friends tonight.  God is good to give us rest when we can't take any more.
When I started writing this post, I meant to write about my students' party on Thursday that they earned and the cute notes of encouragement I have gotten from them this week, but those will have to come later.  Now it is time for me to rest.

Venid a mí, los que están cargados y trabajados, y yo os haré descansar.  - Mateo 6:33  

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