After a few months without a significant break (see my exhaustion level in this entry), I was a little tired.  But God is good to me.  Friday was the 200th aniversary of liberty for the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia!  Among many other things, this meant that we got Thursday and Friday off of school!!!  I am so grateful for this time to rest my body and mind.

Here are some things that I've been doing:
- Reading a fascinating book about the three men who were held as hostages in Colombia by the FARC from 2003-2008
- Taking a nap
- Translating for a medical team that came down
- Helping host a dia de Santa Cruz party at our house
- Preparing for my coming trip home
- Taking a trip yesterday to Los Espejillos, an amazing set of waterfalls, natural pools, and cool water. 

Today in my study of 1 Peter, the verse that I read (5:7) says, "casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you."  God knew exactly what my body and sould needed this weekend.  Check out these cool pictures!

The biggest waterfall with an amazing, deep pool underneath

Some of us went hiking to more waterfalls.  My Chacos came in handy!

I <3 adventure!


  1. Kayleen. You are so braver than I am. But I love the photo of you jumping in the water anyways.


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