My class

Well, if this isn't the picture you've all been waiting for, it's at least the picture I've been waiting and waiting to take and post.  Behold, my class.  19 precious creations of the good Lord. 

I feel so blessed to teach these kids this year.  Each one of them has amazing gifts and potential to do things that I will never do.  I'm pretty sure we have a future youth pastor, several future business professionals, perhaps some pastors, some missionaries, some wonderful future fathers and mothers, and 19 current spelling champs.  I wonder if any of my students will ever teach at SCCLC...
You'll notice that I'm in front with my 8 girls while 11 boys stand behind us.  Yes, pray for me.  These boys are wonderful and my entire class has so much potential to be glorifying God, but all of us (including me) need prayer that we would follow Christ in our words, actions, and thoughts.  Pray that we say words that are wholesome, building-up to others, and beneficial.  Pray especially against tattletaling and bullying.  Pray especially for a sense of unity and a joy in learning.

Without further ado, here we are.

Tomorrow, we have been invited to Jose Daniel's birthday party, which will include bowlingI hope to take pictures and report back on what a Bolivian birthday party looks like.

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