Teaching Moments- October

A few highlights of teaching 5th grade last month.
- One of my students came up to me and started our conversation with, "Miss, remember when you said we could talk to you about anything?"  He wanted to know how he could behave better in class, but just knowing that my students take my offer seriously was exciting to me.
- Everyone knew their Bible memory verse last week (1 Corinthians 16:13-14)!
- I am becoming more accepting of the fact that I am an imperfect teacher.
- All of my students professed to having Christ's blood painted on the doorframe of their hearts when we studied the Exodus.  Praise God!
- In a special class my students are learning how to stop bullying by BUILDing others up
          B- Be a Hero
          U- Use Kind Words
          I- Include Others
          L- Let Go Of Anger
          D- Do the Right Thing
My students now like to point out when someone is being a hero and when they are not using kind words- it's great! 
- I have learned so much about being a teacher and letting God use me even when I feel worthless that I could never explain it all. Praise Him for His faithfulness!

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