Thanksgiving in Bolivia!

Today was not my first Thanksgiving in Bolivia.  I was here just two years ago for two months and spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my sister.  Today we celebrated in much the same way that we did then.  Called the family in the morning (I got to see my nieces sing a song to us on Skype!), then went to a missionary family's house in the afternoon to celebrate with about 50 other expats.  

Although I had tears rolling down my cheeks when my nieces sang to me, realizing that I wouldn't see them for 9 more months, I really have enjoyed today more than I thought I would.  If we didn't celebrate today, or if I had to be teaching at school, I think today would have been much harder.  As it was, I really enjoyed getting to spend time with people I am getting to know and love, and to see our mix of cultures all come together for a common purpose-- giving praise to God for His many blessings.

Things I am thankful for:
- A family that loves me in Wisconsin
- Wonderful friends all around the world, especially in WI and MN
- Salvation, grace for even a sinner like me (1 Timothy 1:15-16)
- God's Word
- The different passions that God has given me, and the fact that I get to use almost all of them here in Bolivia
- Knowledge of Spanish
- People who support me both in prayer and financially in the US
- God's mysterious provision
- My heritage, both that from my family and that from my country
- Books!  I love reading
- My students.  They may struggle, I may struggle, but I really love them.
- People in the US who care enough to be intentional with me even though I am down here
- So many things that I can't list them all.

Now I'm going to the orphanage next door to watch a movie with my friend who lives and works there.  God is good to me.  And to you.  Romans 8:28

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