It's been my hardest week so far.  And I have already had some hard weeks.  But this one has got the others beat. One person saved me from wanting to pack up my bags and go home.  She is a servant, and she sees needs and meets them.  I present to you my sister, Heather.

This wonderful woman of God kept me going this week.  She did my laundry, cooked, listened and consoled.  And listen to this:  She has her own busy (though flexible) schedule.  She often comes in on Thursday mornings to do a devotion with my class.  This week, since Thursday I was fighting to stay in control of my emotions all day, she came in early and stayed until 11:00, just watching me teach and then taking my recess duty for me (while I pulled myself together).  

Today, I had to stay after school and give my room a good cleaning.  I never really even got to organize when I started teaching because school started right away, and I was always teaching or planning.  So, at 5:00, Heather came and just cleaned my room and put up posters for two hours while I cleaned my desk and got ready for next week.  Her PRESENCE more than anything else has been a huge comfort to me.  I also can't believe that she just completed changed her plans to be with me when I most needed it.  

I'm so glad that I get to serve in Bolivia with my big sister this year.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.
- Proverbs 17:17


  1. YAY for Heather! What a blessing for you! I am glad you are staying. I sure like having you around!

  2. I sometimes wonder if she's really an angel. She's totally too good to be true!


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