As my missionary friend Catherine said, "I suppose today of all days would be the day to blog."  I agree.  How could I not blog about 2011, especially considering that I will spend the majority of the year here in Bolivia?  How can I not make a plan and share it?

So, I will share three things.

1.  Being.  I want to be in God's presence this year.  Every minute I rely on His provision, especially as I teach, but I so often forget or take for granted His presence.

2. Encourage.  This year I am serving out of my weaknesses.  It's humbling and sometimes disheartening, but I am confident that God is receiving the glory.  However, during this time, I want to make sure that I am also using my gifts.  I want to make 2011 a year of encouraging others.

3. Simple.  I don't want to use more than I need. I want to be generous.  I don't want to complicate my life just to complicate it.  I want time to be quiet.

Ok, so if I could have a fourth it would be that I want to fight for joy each day, especially as I teach. 

What are you seeking this year?

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