That's Why I'm Here

Thanks to Amy for the title of this post!

Warning: Cute teacherish story below.

Today I was wearing a cute necklace that a friend gave me for Christmas along with the ring that I have worn to school every single day of the year.  However, because my students were finally noticing my jewelry thanks to the necklace, Erynn and Gracie came up to me after class to ask me about my ring.  It has an icthus (sp?) on it, which was a symbol in the early church.

I explained to my girls the symbol on the ring and that I bought it on a short-term missions trip to Mexico in high school.  Then I said, "I wear this ring to remind myself of my mission: to share God's love with people all around the world."  

And Erynn said, "That's why you're here!"

Sometimes little words can make up for a day full of crazy kids.

Hallelujah moment

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