My Phillips Dream

My passion:  Seeing God’s word go to all nations. 
My vision:  That people from every tribe, tongue, and nation would praise Him and that I could be a part of that happening.
This year that has meant that I live in Bolivia and teach fifth grade to twenty (mostly) international students.  And I know I am allowing these student’s parents to preach the gospel, and I know that I am impacting lives.  But for years there has been a dream in my heart that, Lord willing, will come to completion this August.
I called the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN) home for my four years of college.  There is one neighborhood in Minneapolis that has interested me since the very first time I drove by it and saw the famous LovePower Church sign right off I- 35W.
I first heard of Phillip’s neighborhood my first semester of college when I sat in Speech class and listened to the only minority student in our class talk about where he grew up.  South Minneapolis.  I don’t remember much of the speech, only that I was intrigued.  Then, my sophomore year, I started hearing about the amazing ethnic diversity that exists there.  Ten years ago, the neighborhood was 12% Native American, 29% Black, 22% Latino, 6% Asian, and 31% white.  In recent years, more and more refugees have arrived, making for a total of 100 languages spoken in about one square mile. (Statistics from PNN, Unreached Peoples)  In other words, the nations have come to Minnesota!
Ok, back to the dream.  I want to live in this neighborhood.  I want to be intentional in getting to know my neighbors.  I want to eventually have the opportunity to share the gospel with them!  And it’s so close to being a reality.  Last fall I was ready to move in.  I had a house with wonderful girls from my church to live with, I had job interviews with non-profits that worked with Latinos in the area, and I had plans!  And God had other ones.  He wanted me to teach fifth grade here in Bolivia. 
And to be honest, if God wants me here, then Phillips is a poor substitute for glorifying His name.  Honestly, there have been times this year that I’ve asked God why He didn’t call me to Phillips instead this year.  However, I have never wished to be outside of His will.
But I do feel like God didn’t give me what I have named “The Phillips Dream” for nothing.  I feel like  He just asked me to put it off for one year, to serve Him while I can in filling in a space here that He made just for me.  And I think this fall may be the time that I get to live my dream!
So my future plans?
- Live in Phillips for the next two years, starting in August/September of 2011
- Work with a non-profit organization where I get to use my Spanish and help Latinos in the Twin Cities area
- Become a member of my church there, BBC, and join their Nurture Program (missions training!)
- After two years, become a lifetime missionary wherever God is calling me!
I have learned to leave my plans completely open to God’s will, but I am excited that this might be what He is calling me to. I. Can’t. Wait.
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
- Romans 8:28

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