Bolivia Needs Prayer

The country of Bolivia is in a lot of turmoil right now. The quick background is that some of the states in Bolivia want autonomy from the national government, and in the last three weeks they have started seriously protesting.

About a week ago 8 (I think?) people were killed in a riot. Since then the total number of people killed due to the violence of the protests there has reached 30 if I understand the news right. It's really sad to hear about, and this news makes me worried about the missionaries that I know there.

Fortunately, the city that Heather lives in seems to be pretty calm. She is able to go about her ministry and just doesn't have gas for her car. The US government has pulled all of its non-emergency employees out of Bolivia and yesterday the peace corps left as well. Things may look bad, but i'm praying that it will blow over soon.

The exciting news is that, in faith, I bought my plane tickets yesterday!!!!!! I leave the US on October 21st!

Please pray for things to settle down quickly, and pray that these acts would cause the people of Bolivia to be more open to the gospel as they see the frailty of human life.

Thanks and have a great night!

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