Bolivia- Why Am I Going? Part Two

As a quick review, reason one that I'm going back to Bolivia is to build some consistency with these kids. They have too many people who come into their lives once and then leave, so I'm trying to at least come into their lives two or three times.

How can I go back? I'm in school!
Well, God seems to definitely want me there. I had my Fall 2008 schedule all planned out and went to meet with my advisor last week to finalize the rest of my college schedule. It turned out that some of the classes that I was trying to get out of the way couldn't be taken care of until I took a summer program called SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics). That meant that I had 6-8 credits that I needed to take this fall to be able to graduate on time-- not enough to be a full-time student. I decided to get those credits taken care of by going to Spain to study abroad. I could fulfill my Spanish credits and a few other credits that I needed and experience a new culture and get really good at my Spanish. The plans for Spain came together in a few weeks, and by the time summer came my program was almost ready to be finalized.
I headed to Arrowhead Bible Camp where I was counseling all summer. As people shared their life stories during staff training, God kept bringing the fact that I was going to Spain back to my mind. I really wasn't satisfied with going to a place where I had no church body and where I had no plan for ministry. I kept on thinking of how if I went to Spain I would have a good time, but if I did something else I could be serving. I started praying a lot about whether I really wanted to go to Spain. I realized that I really didn't want to, and I think that God was glorified with my decision.
I was at Arrowhead Bible Camp with two months to plan for my semester, and that will have to be where we pick up next time.
Stay tuned for God moving my heart...


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  2. Kayleen you should do whatever makes you and god happy and if this is it then great. Just know I will always love you no matter what. your sis.


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