Why I'm going to Bolivia-- Part Three!!

I'm sorry that this is getting so drawn out! I'm almost to the present, I promise!

Well, I was praying about how to spend my semester, and God laid Bolivia and also my home on my heart immediately. I emailed Heather to see if she could let me follow her around in Bolivia for awhile and maybe even do a language school, and she was pretty excited about that. Through more prayer and communication, I decided to head to Bolivia for the months of November and December and to stay home and help my grandma for the months of September and October. As the time for me to buy plane tickets is drawing near, it's looking more like I will be spending part of October in Bolivia as well because I'm very excited to go there!

I plan to arrive in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and spend a day or two recovering from the plane ride and just getting used to Bolivia again. Then I will take a bus with my sister to a city about 14 bus-ride hours away where I will take two weeks of language school (yay!). Hopefully this will help my Spanish enough that I will be able to confidently find my way around the city of Santa Cruz and have meaningful conversations. I'm a Spanish minor in school, so last time I went to Bolivia I felt like I was right on the brink of having both of these things.

After my language school I will head back to Bolivia and spend six or seven weeks helping out my sister in different orphanages and probably traveling to some orphanages by myself to work with the kids- maybe help older kids with their English homework or hold classes for the mentally disabled boys at Eben-Ezer. I'm so excited about this part of my ministry because I will be having that consistency that I talked about before with the kids and be a part of my sister's church, which is just a really cool thing.

Here I am in Bolivia at an orphanage. The kids love cameras! :)

So that kind of tells you where I'm at right now in terms of Bolivia. Right now I'm living at home, helping out my grandma as my job, spending time with family and friends, and taking some distance education credits through Northwestern.

You can definitely be praying for me as I prepare for Bolivia and while I'm there. I'll post more specific requests later. Have a great evening!


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