Wesley's baptism

Happy Monday!

I promise to write more about Bolivia very soon, but I just had to get a picture up of my nephew's baptism. I was asked to be the godmother/sponser of my four month-old nephew Wesley Aaron when he was baptized, and that was a really cool thing. I'm not used to babies being baptized, and I'm not sure that I agree with the doctrine behind it, but it was a really cool thing just to dedicate his life to Christ and to promise to bring him up in the Word-- God's truth. Here is a picture of the pastor, Shawn (his other uncle sponser/godfather), and me with Wesley in his shiny white tuxedo. :)

Also, he was smiley the whole church service. He's actually a pretty smiley baby in general. He almost made all of laugh with his goofy-happy expressions up at the baptismal font. What a cute guy.

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