Birthday Party!

Tonight was a really fun night for me! I got to go to a birthday party for the Talita Cumi kids who have had birthdays since August (like 9 kids). It was so much fun! I was paired up one of the boys so I could hang out with him for the night, and I was given Jose David. However, when we got to the party, Tiburcio (another boy) had been kicked out of the party because no one had been assigned to hang out with him during the night. I agreed to be his buddy, so he got back in, and I had two little rambuctious boys to entertain. It was great, because they were both turning 11 and their birthdays are 4 days apart, so everyone called them twins and they got matching gifts and they just loved it. I don't even think that they minded having the same madrina (or godmother, the name they use for the hanger-outer person).

We had a yummy supper together and they played lots of fun games and we had cake-- it was everything a birthday party should be. For Tiburcio, it was his first birthday party in the home, and maybe his first birthday party. I was so glad that I could be a part of it.

Here the boys are in their matching jerseys.

Also, today marks my first month in Bolivia. What things God has been doing in my heart! I wish that I could put them all into words, so I'll try, but words will not be enough. God is teaching me about compassion, about trusting in Him to care for my needs, about repairing conflicts quickly, about the dependent independence that I have in Him, and so much more.

My Spanish has also improved a LOT! It is very encouraging to me to have days where I come home and have to retrain my brain to think in English while I read my Bible or check my email. It still lacks a lot, but everyday I am learning more. Thank you to those who have prayed for my Spanish!

Praise God with me for His faithfulness to me and for kids who get birthdays!

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