Heavy Heart

Sometimes I leave the homes with my heart just full of wondering.

Since I've gotten to Bolivia, it's been really hard for me to get to sleep at night. I usually lay in bed for at least a few hours before I finally get to sleep. Most people have at least a few minutes after the light goes out before their brain stops processing like crazy. I started to think about what the kids in the homes think about before they go to sleep. Do they wonder what it would be like to have their mom and dad sleeping in the next room? Do they wish that someone would have tucked them in, that someone would be excited to see them when they wake up in the morning? So many of them have parents who just can't take care of them, do they wonder when they will come to get them? If the kids are adoptable, do they wonder if they loveable enough to be adopted? My heart just breaks when I think of this. The kids are just so open to love, they crave it so much. When I go to Talita Cumi boys and they're watching a movie, if I walk in and sit down on the couch I'm guaranteed to have a mob of 5-11 year-old boys wanting to cuddle with me.

Often I cry out to God in my heart saying, "God, who loves these kids?" and everytime I do, He reminds me that He loves them with a perfect love that no parent could ever hope to measure up to. His sovereign plan for their lives has brought them to where they are today, and it will sustain them as they walk through life. He reminds me that He sent me to Bolivia for this time to be with these kids. He has His body on this earth to care for the poor and suffering in many different ways.

"The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few." Would you pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would send more workers?

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