Laundry- Bolivian Style!

Yesterday (Sat.), we cooked for Mi Gumi, a home with 11 girls. We made pizza burgers, salad, rice and snickerdoodles, and they went over great. Then, we got to hang out with the girls for awhile. This is where the fun began...

Many of the girls were still doing their chores, which included washing their clothes. Most people in Bolivia don't have a washing machine, so they wash by hand. The girls decided to wash by foot, which I have never seen before. It was hilarious! They invited me to join them, so I jumped in too! Thankfully Heather got some pictures, so I will put those up here.

What really struck me about the whole situation is that before we started foot washing, we were just doing it by hand, and I was helping, and these girls who were 12 years old were way better at washing than I was! I was almost embarrassed to tell them that at my house we have machines that wash and dry our clothes for us. The only time I've every hand-washed entire loads of clothes is in Bolivia. These girls have so little, but in some ways they have way more skills than I do. I guess it has given me a lot to think about.

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