I'm a Wisconsin girl, so I guess mosquitoes shouldn't phase me, but that doesn't mean I have to like them! They are having a hayday here! It rained a few days ago and the little buggers sprang up like weeds. They aren't as bad as they were at camp this summer, but the one that's buzzing my ear right now is pretty annoying. I'm not very allergic to mosquito bites, so thankfully I'm not itching a lot or anything, but I have lots of little red spots all over my legs right now. Bolivian mosquito bites look different from Wisconsin ones, so that's interesting for me.

Mosquitoes are nothing new, but I did have one very new experience today. I was the encargada (in charge person) at one of the homes! I cooked lunch at Cristo Viene girls' home today for one of my sister's friends who couldn't do it, and fifteen minutes after I arrived all of the staff told me they were leaving and would be back in a few hours!!!!!

Now, my Spanish is improving, it really is, but it is not good enough to be in charge of a bunch of girls who love getting away with things for two hours. I prayed that it would be a quiet time without major issues. Maybe God had other plans for me, because while I was cooking and answering the phone and wondering if the girls were still punished from TV as they were watching soaps, a girl's mother showed up! These girls are in the home because their parents signed papers to put them there, so I didn't know what the rules were for visits. Thankfully the older girls knew what to do and helped me, but man! I was a little stressed.

Thankfully, lunch turned out very well, and in the end everything went fine. When the staff returned all the girls were in one piece. I made shepherd's pie, which is the girls' favorite meal, and it was on the table only ten minutes late, which is still early in Bolivian time. Here are a few pictures.

Here is one of the pies. yum!

This is Dora eating the pie. What a cutie!

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