Learing Lessons

Remember Rodrigo, the one who was so cute at the park less than a week ago? Tonight when I went to the home just to spend an hour with the boys, Eliana, the "mom" of the boys told me that he and his younger, adorable brother Eliseo went home with their mom today. They probably will never come back, so it's good that they can be with their mom, but my heart just was so sad that I never even got to say goodbye.
I know that God knows best, but I had to ask what lesson He was trying to teach me through this. That I shouldn't love these kids so deeply? Nope, that doesn't sound like a God thing. I think maybe it's more like I have to love them with His love and trust His love to cover me when I'm saddened by things that go on in the homes.
God is good ALL the time.

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