Information Overload

Ready to be bombarded by all that is on my mind right now?

- School ends in less than six weeks.  I have a lot of curriculum to get through, but more than that I want to end well with my kids.  I want them to not leave thinking about the facts they learned this year (does this make me a bad teacher?) but about how they were challenged to follow Christ and believe His good news.  How do I do this? Also, I’m pretty excited for the end of the year.  Not wake up at 5:30 every morning?  Yes, please!

- MY PARENTS ARE COMING IN LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!  They’re coming down with a team of six from my church for a ten-day team.  Heather and I miss them lots and can’t wait to see them!

- I went to salsa dancing lessons with one of my friends here last week.  Because these were lessons, they are considered fine, but social dancing here is frowned upon by the church.  I can’t wait to go to a wedding and dance when I get home!  Electric slideLightning, anyone?

- My sister Heather is a great missionary.

- I am so grateful to have friends here, especially Bolivian friends.  I’m praying that God might let me know soon if he wants me to come back here (to work with a native group) after my ~2 years in the US.

- I have not cried in over two weeks!!!  This is from the same girl who cried at least twice a day in February.  God has given me joy and peace in teaching and in being here.  Thank you everyone who prayed and is praying!  Please continue to bring me before God.  Romans 15:13.

- My very dear friend and roommate for over two years is moving away from the Twin Cities right when I get back Sad smile so she can go to grad school and get her doctorate and help small children who have experienced trauma.  I guess serving God that way is a worthy cause, but I will really miss her.  I’m trying to figure out how I can get home soon enough to make a road trip out of her move-in.

- A joy in teaching over the last weeks has been listening to my kids pray in the mornings or before lunch.  They are so thankful to God!  One of troublemakers thanks God almost every day for me (funny because usually I am sending him outside or sending home something for his parents to sign).  They also pray for things like using BUILD (anti-bullying campaign at school), being unified as a class, being encouraging, and setting a good example.

- I am so thankful to have an accountability friend here!  I think Amy and I are kindred spirits.  I could talk to her for hours.  God created us to be able to share our joys and pains with others.  Gal 6:2

- Loving hearing sermons from my church every week!

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