So, I don’t want to sound like a showoff, but I do want to show off what my great friends have done.  I have been so blessed by them as I've lived a continent away this year.  I got care package #3 today!!!  It is from one of my fellow linguistic major friends from college. She is raising support to go to Papua New Guinea, so it extra blessed me that she would send me a package.
Devotional book, Streams in the Dessert, which I can't wait to read!
Cute pot that sadly broke (I will still plant the seeds), Easter ears, stress ball (perfect for my class!), prayer card (my biggest request!), candle, cute bookmark, playing cards, notepad, and yes- DOVE CHOCOLATE!
Also this great candle that I am already putting to good use.  Cherry pie- so yummy-smelling!
Thank you, Catherine!
Feeling so loved!  This package came after a very stressful day at school, and I was so blessed by it.  I knew Catherine was sending me a package, but I was not expecting the mega shoebox filled with goodies. God and Catherine knew how to bring lots of joy to my evening.

Plus, another friend of mine from the camp I worked at last summer sent me an amazing drawing of Mother Teresa, one of my heroes!  I recently had time to frame it and put it with other pictures of friends who were at this camp with us‘

Finally, my friend Samantha who is living here for a year recently brought over both of her Aaron Rodgers jerseys, and we sported our Packer Pride together and took pictures.  So. Much. Happiness.

DSCN0909So thank you, friends, for being wonderful!  Hebrews 10:24.


  1. I like so much about this post. I take great satisfaction in seeing you blessed.

  2. YAY! I'm so glad it arrived (mostly) intact! Happy Easter!!


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