Thankful for- People Who Pray

I don’t even know how to properly write this thank you post. There are so many people who have prayed for me and my class this year, and the results aren’t exactly measurable—but I know that they are huge!

First of all- To those who prayed for my fifth graders:  Thank you!
Before I went back to teaching after Christmas break, I asked everyone who follows me through email updates, Twitter, Facebook, and this blog to take an hour and pray for my students on the day before we went back to classes.  I have seen some really cool things happen to my students this semester, and I know it is in large part due to your prayers and our God who answers them.  Also, before the team I came down with left, they each committed to pray for a student.  It has been cool to see my students respond to the idea that someone they’ve never met is praying for them all year.  Thank you!

Next- Thank you to everyone who prayed for me- I have never felt prayers like I have this year.
If you’ve been keeping up with my blog this year, you know that I went through a rough time of being homesick and struggling to find joy in what God had called me to do (teach) here in Bolivia.  I sent out several email, facebook, and blog pleas for prayer, and the God answered your prayers.  When I was going through a really hard time one of my friends sent me this message.
So a bit ago when you asked us to pray for you because you had been at that camp, and you just felt like throwing in the towel and leaving. I prayed for you that night, probably with some of the most intensity I have ever prayed, not in any way do I want to brag or anything that is just what the Spirit allowed me to experience. Anyway one of the things I prayed was, "Let me bear part of her burden" The next day I had one of the worst days in a long time. I felt awful, I felt totally out of it, and just spiritually and physically tired. I prayed all day, "God why do I feel like this, this sucks" At the end of the day I finally remembered what I prayed the night before, and it all made sense.
I had felt his prayers that day!  God works in really mysterious but really cool ways.  I am so grateful for all of your prayers!

God has been teaching me a lot about the power of prayer in the last few years, and this video has helped me see how God can allow puny little humans’ prayers to make a difference.

Anyway, I am very grateful for prayers, and there is no way that I could have made it through this year without them.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
-James 5:16

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