Bienvenidos a Miami

I did not think that I'd be home this soon.  I'm sitting in my bedroom in Wisconsin, marveling at the softness of my bed and the convenience of the radio alarm that woke me up this morning.  I will write about being home soon, but first, Miami!

My purpose in going to the US at all was to get my visa so that I can stay in Bolivia for a year (right now I'm on a tourist visa).  The most accessible Bolivian consulate for me was in Miami, so I flew in Sunday night to be picked up by some missionaries here.  Jeff and Kathy were wonderful to me!  Besides Jeff using his cultural-awareness skills to get all my Bolivian paperwork done in 45 min. (a true South American miracle!), getting to see the moons of Jupiter on his telescope, and getting to talk about teaching with Kathy, here are some highlights of my 36 hours in FL.

Wading in the Atlantic in West Palm Beach

Driving along South Beach to take in the sights

Fish and chips at John G's

Pastries at the famous Versailles bakery
Jeff's sister and niece took me out for ice cream and encouraged me a lot!

And perhaps my favorite, sitting in their back yard reading and resting
This wonderful couple made sure that I was comfortable during my short stay in Miami, and they were also flexible when my quick visa trip allowed me to go home two days early.  

God provided in allowing me to get my visa, allowing me to change my flight for only $2.50, and allowing me to not have to pay to check my bag on my domestic flight (since I actually came from Bolivia).  This is not even mentioning that He provided support and encouragement for me through my time in Miami and the wonderful people I met there.

Current status: Physically tired from all I've been doing, Spiritually renewed
Course of action: Spend as much time as possible with family and friends and try to fit my life for the next ten months into a 50lb suitcase.

Now off to MN and then back to WI.  Thanks for following my adventures!

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  1. I remember something about it being a requirement for 5th grade SCCLC teachers to stop in Houghton, NY before they can get their visa.

    Did they tell you about this?

    ... wishful thinking.

    Blessings during your short time home!
    I'm praying!

  2. I only wish! Maybe the truth is that first year Houghton students must travel overseas as a MissYour5thGradeTeacher requirement.


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