My dream and, I hope, my calling, are to one day work with an unreached people group in the middle of nowhere and raise a family in the wilderness with the tribe as our closest friends and supports.  Maybe God has that for me someday.

But this year, He has called me to be in support ministry for people who do things like that.  I actually am enjoying this support work more than I thought.  One of the amazing things I'm getting to do this year is invest in MK's.  I'm so excited that last night a high school girl who I've known for a few years asked me to begin being her accountability partner!  God is good to me.  I'm also discipling/mentoring another high school girl.  Both of these ladies are wonderful, and I'm so grateful to get to learn from them and with them this year.  

Praising God that even when things are hard He brings me opportunities to praise Him.

I feel the need, after reading what I wrote, to qualify my words by saying that sometimes I'm grumpy about being in a support role, some days I wake up and don't want to teach (gasp), and every day I sin.  More than once.  In case I made myself sound like I always love life and am never discouraged or sinful.  I am the greatest of sinners, but God uses me anyway.

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