Today was so full I just need to write what I did so that I don't forget.

1.  My kids earned a party, so I took popcorn and refresco to school and we watched The Borrowers.  This one was so much more chill than our last party.
2. Parent Teacher Conferences!  I was so nervous; sweating a lot, but they went really well.
3.  Lunch with one of my student's families.  They were so great!  I had lots of fun and ate a typical Bolivian dish with chicken, rice, and tomato/onion salad.
4. Played Wii with my student.
5. Went to the violin concert of another student.  Great Bolivian/Korean/Dutch/United States experience.
6.  American pizza with Korean and Bolivian stories.
7. Waiting for sleep.

So tired.  So glad to be living in another culture for a year.  

P.S.  I actually love being with people.  

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