I'm sitting in the Miami airport trying to decide how in the world to write the last 7 days.  Write a sentence, erase it.  Repeat.

Let me give a few highlights.
- My mom and Cody Kargus came to pick me up at the airport.  My mom lost it when she saw me; it's good to know that you are loved.
- Going for runs in farmland!
- Pizza hut with Janna, Jessie, and Derek.  I feel at home with these friends.
- The apple orchard with Nicola- her first trip to an orchard!
- Pumpkin Spice Latte (this picture is especially for my friend Amy in Bolivia, who writes this great blog) (Also, my friend Cacey now works at Starbucks and I got to see her in action- it was great)
- Hanging out with Cody and Ellen and watching God put all the right people in my path at Northwestern College
- Applebees with friends I grew up with
- Getting to see my grandma and grandpa- my grandma and I had a good time and I love just being with her.
- Talking with my sister Lindsey
- Raking fall leaves with my dad

- Sharing at my church on Sunday.  I was so encouraged by all the hugs and blessings that I received!
- Hanging out with family and friends at a brunch my mom whipped up (pictures to follow of cute nieces and nephews)
- Eating my mom's salad at that brunch
- Going to my Spanish church!
- Celebrating my "birthday eve" with my Twin Cities family (pictures to follow)

My schedule over the last week has been full to say the least.  I loved every minute, though.  God is so good to me; I can't believe it!

I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
- Ps. 34:1


  1. Thanks for the latte! :) How fun! Your blog is great too and I will be adding it to my google reader now! YAY!



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