I'm celebrating my birthday today in the airport while I wait for my flight back to Santa Cruz.   Highlights:
1. I need this time to process the last three months and catch up on email/other stuff.
2. Nicola drove me to the airport this morning.
3. I get to see my sister again in 17 hours!
4. I'm doing many things I enjoy: reading blogs, people watching, walking around, reading, writing, people watching, watching the news, people watching.
5. This is a new experience.  I love new experiences.

Lowlights (if you will):
1. No one else is here with me.
2. Starbucks would not let me have my free birthday drink because the airport won't accept that. 

Here is my birthday lupper (eaten at 4pm, that isnt' really lunch or supper):
Chinese food for my last day in America

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