A Special Welcome

Apparently this country in which the only certain thing is uncertainty wanted to give me a special welcome today.

My flights were wonderful yesterday.  Both perfectly on time.  I actually enjoyed my 12 hour layover in Miami, and God definitely had His hand in every step of the journey, from my Starbucks frustration to making a friend on my flight to Santa Cruz.  He also had His hand in what happened when I got there.

Heather was late in picking me  up, and I wondered why.  When she arrived (actually only about 5 min late), she was...sweatier than usual.  She had walked over 2 kilometers through a bloqueo, or road block, that was set up to protest a new customs law.  This protest was peaceful, as are almost all of them in Santa Cruz, but it was also LONG. 
Photo by El Deber

Heather and I left my suitcases at the airport and carried my carry-ons on the long walk back to her car.  I finally got home at 10:45 and was in school, teaching, by 11:30.

Back at school, I really did have a special welcome. The guard, secretary, and principal were all involved in a secret alert signal for my arrival at the school.   When I walked in my classroom door, my students yelled "Happy Birthday" as I walked in and my substitute had baked cupcakes for all of us!  I missed them a lot.

Overall, it's good to be back.  I'm exhausted.  Pray against bullying and pray for peace in my classroom. Praise God for a safe journey.

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